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Enclosed Auto/Vehicle Transport

We Protect High Value Vehicles As They Move To Their Destination With Our Auto And Vehicle Transporters.
What We Make Matters.®

Our enclosed auto/vehicle transport trailers can protect and secure your highly valuable vehicles as they move to their destination.  We are more than a manufacturer of specialty trailers.  We aim to provide the best vehicles and customer solutions – this is mission–critical for our associates as well.  We invest in and believe in our associates and they believe in your product. Kentucky Trailer sets the industry benchmark as North America’s largest manufacturer of enclosed auto transporters for Automobile, Motorcycle, and Vehicle Transport Trailers. Well known for building the most rugged, durable, and highest payload enclosed trailer shells in the world, Kentucky Trailer’s Enclosed Vehicle Transport Trailer is simply put, an elegant, durable workhorse.  Contact us to speak with a salesman.

Enclosed Auto/Vehicle Transport Trailers

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